GC and LC/MS are techniques that combine the physical separation capabilities of chromatography (LC/GC) with mass spectrometry (MS). MS is an analytical technique that measures the mass-to-charge ratios of charged particles. At SMC we have both GC and LC instruments coupled with time-of-flight (TOF), QTOF, QqQ detectors and Orbitrap. A TOF instrument is a single MS detector. The MS detectors (mass filtering) for both the QTOF and QqQ can be used separately or in combination to perform both MS and MS/MS. The Orbitrap is mainly used at SMC for identification in MSmode.

Mass spectrometers funded by WCN, KAW and Kempe foundation, dedicated to metabolomic analyses
LECO Pegasus BT, GCTOFMS, 2017
Agilent 6490 UHPLC-QqQMSMS, 2013
Agilent 6490 UHPLC-QqQMSMS, 2013
Agilent 6550 iFunnel Accurate-Mass UHPLC-QTOFMSMS, 2013
Agilent 6550 iFunnel Accurate-Mass UHPLC-QTOFMSMS, 2013
Agilent 6560 Ion Mobility UHPLC-QTOFMSMS, 2015
Agilent 6495 UHPLC-QqQMSMS, 2017

Mass spectrometers at the UPSC mass spectrometer facility
Thermo LTQ-Orbitrap XL, UHPLC-high resolution MSMS, 2009
Agilent 7000, GCQqQMSMS, 2011
Waters SYNAPT G2-Si HDMS, Acquity M-Class, nano source,  2015, Proteomics Core Facility (www.kbc.umu.se/english/proteomics/)
Waters Xevo TQ-S, Aqcuity M-Class, iKey source, 2016, Proteomics Core Facility (www.kbc.umu.se/english/proteomics/)

NMR instrumentation at collaborating sites of the Swedish NMR center (Gothenburg and Umeå). 

TOF=time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Q=quadrupole mass spectrometer
q=quadrupole mass spectrometer with RF, only used as a “collision cell”