We offer four different products:
  • untargeted methods
  • targeteted methods
  • method development
  • Open Access (i.e. you use our instruments to do the analysis yourself). 
Together with you we choose which of these four that suits you. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about these or other methods.

Untargeted methods
Untargeted methods are suitable when you want an overall picture of the metabolite profile in a set of samples. Metabolite differences between samples can be used for hypothesis generation (discovery) or confirmation (testing).

Examples of untargeted methods available at SMC:
Targeted methods
Targeted methods are suitable if you want to analyze specific metabolites in a sample, when you want to dig deeper into specific metabolite pathways after an untargeted anysis, and for validation of metabolite data from untargeted analyses.

Examples of targeted methods available at SMC:
Method development
An example of a method development carried out at SMC: