Determination of fatty acid (FA) composition by GC-MS in biological matrices is performed after transmethylation (bound FA) and methylation (free FA) of the sample extract. Free FAs are found as single fatty acid chains, while bound FAs are attached, singly or several, to other molecules (e.g. phospholipids and triglycerides). Transmethylation and methylation are processes used to convert FAs in the samples to fatty acid methyl esters that are the products detected on the instrument. Our methods make it possible to detect 37 FAMEs - evenly numbered fatty acids found in eukaryotic cells, and 10 BAMEs - odd-numbered fatty acids found in bacteria. Quantification can be performed on FAMEs, whereas only relative values from calculated areas are reported for BAMEs.

fatty acids met


NUMBER OF SAMPLES: 30-70 samples (analysis of fewer or more samples has to be discussed with SMC).
MATRICES: A wide variety of matrices can be used, communicate with SMC.

SMC is an independent partner and will be mentioned in the acknowledgements if the data is published



  • Sample preparation (eg. Folch extraction with chloroform/methanol phase separation)
  • Analysis by GC-MS TOF
  • Quality assurance of the analysis
  • Targeted data analysis of FAMEs and BAMEs
  • Quantification of FAMEs
  • Initial statistical evaluation of the generated data according to the question asked in the project (multivariate and univariate data analysis)
  • Report and feedback
  • Full access to raw data