Open Access

As a parallel division at the service platform SMC is offering Swedish researchers an open access facility. The objective for the open access division is to; make SMC available for Swedish researchers, enable a more efficient use of instrumentation, move part of the analytical work flow to the researcher’s site, and also bring new ideas and methods to the center. To become an open access user, SMC requires relevant training or experience for the user. SMC is responsible for the training of the users and will also provide analytical descriptions. For the open access facility each researcher is responsible for their contribution in the analytical work flow.

To both be able to answer your scientific question and divide the work (between SMC and you as researchers) it is crucial for SMC to receive a detailed description of your project. If possible, send the inquiry to SMC at the planning stage for the research project, or before the samples are sampled (from experience this facilitates a more effective workflow, both for you and us, in order to generate good results). The figures below show the decision making process for all inquiries entering SMC and the work flow.

SMC is an independent partner and will not be co-authors unless the work is performed as a part of the SMC research program Metabolomics 2.0. If a request is too extensive the request will be moved to the SMC’s research program Metabolomics 2.0 for further evaluation.

Learn what instruments we have and which methods we use, or log in to Open Access and book a time if you are already a user.