Amino acids by LC-QqQ-MSMS

Amino acids can be divided into six main groups on the basis of their structure and general chemical characteristics of their side chain groups, e.g. aliphatic, basic, acidic, and aromatic.  All major amino acids can be quantified by LC (UHPLC)-UV or preferentially by UHPLC-QqQ-MSMS using AccQ•TagTM derivatization (Waters).

NUMBER OF SAMPLES: 50-200 samples (analysis of fewer or more samples has to be discussed with SMC).
MATRICES: Plasma, serum, CSF, Arabidopsis, Populus, bacteria, cell cultures, and yeast (other matrices have to be communicated with SMC).

SMC is an independent partner and will be mentioned in the acknowledgements if the data is published


  • Sample preparation (e.g. methanol/water extraction)
  • Analysis by LC-QqQ-MSMS
  • Quality assurance of the analysis
  • Quantification of major amino acids
  • Initial statistical evaluation of the generated data according to the question asked in the project (multivariate and univariate data analysis)
  • Storage of a pooled sample for possible future extended identification (extended identification is not included in the price)
  • Report and feedback
  • Archiving of raw data


Pedro F Teixeira et al, A multi-step peptidolytic cascade for amino acid recovery in chloroplasts, Nature Chemical Biology (2016)