The Swedish Metabolomics Centre helps researchers to answer their questions by providing tailor-made metabolite and lipid analyses. SMC offers all analytical steps from sample preparation to data processing, for both untargeted and targeted analysis of low molecular weight compounds. To learn more about the Metabolomics service model, click here.

We offer four different products:

  • untargeted methods
  • targeted methods
  • method development
  • Open Access (i.e. you use our instruments to do the analysis yourself). 

Together with you we choose which of these four that suits you. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about these or other methods.

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Untargeted methods
Untargeted methods are suitable when you want an overall picture of the metabolite profile in a set of samples. Metabolite differences between samples can be used for hypothesis generation (discovery) or confirmation (testing).

Targeted methods
Targeted methods are suitable if you want to analyze specific metabolites in a sample, when you want to dig deeper into specific metabolite pathways after an untargeted anysis, and for validation of metabolite data from untargeted analyses.

Method development

2-3 weeks full time method development for a specific research question where a standard analysis protocol currently does not exists. SMC also offers consulting for pilot studies, metabolite confirmation, identification of unknown, and other ad hoc projects.



Read more about some of our methods below.

Standard Metabolomics analysis by GC-TOF-MS and LC-QTOF-MS

Standard Lipid profiling by LC-QTOF-MS

Targeted plant hormone analysis by LC-QqQ-MSMS

Fatty acids by GC-QqQ-MS

Amino acids by LC-QqQ-MSMS

Eicosanoids by LC-QqQ-MSMS

Sugars by GC-TOF-MS


Pilot study for targeted analyses