An important role of SMC is to continuously perform method development in the area of metabolomics and metabolite analyses. We have initiated the program Metabolomics 2.0, aiming to integrate biological and medical projects with method development (see figure below). We believe that integrating method development, including development of novel advanced analytical chemistry and data analysis methods together with the strong service platform, is a necessity for delivering the next-level of metabolomics.

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Metabolomics 2.0 consists of two main parts:

Integration program
Metabolomics 2.0 performs method development and analysis of samples originating from requests to the service facility. If an appropriate/necessary method is not available, the request can be directed to the Metabolomics 2.0 program. It is the centre’s director and co-director who determine if a request will be accepted within Metabolomics 2.0. The decision is based on the type of analysis requested - either it must be highly important for the project which is considered to hold substantial scientific quality, or the analysis is of general interest to many researchers, and thus it is of interest for SMC to have that method in its method portfolio. Requests accepted at Metabolomics 2.0 will be performed in close collaboration between SMC’s directors and the project leader. The cost for the project will be divided by SMC and project leader.

Internal project-oriented program
Method development is closely integrated with biological and medical projects. The fundamental objective of the program is to develop method-oriented projects in close connection to as many biological studies as possible to ensure both their continuing relevance and the robustness of emerging techniques for diverse samples.