Determination of sugars can be performed by several different strategies depending on the purpose of the analysis. For determination of soluble sugars in e.g. tissues or fluids methanol/water extraction combined with GC-MS is the most reliable method with which  several classes of sugars, such as pentoses, hexoses, disaccharides, and trisaccharides can be detected. With application of this method a data table consisting of peak areas for identified sugars is obtained. The sugar levels are expressed as peak areas normalized to internal standard glucose or sucrose, which can be compared between the analyzed samples.


NUMBER OF SAMPLES: 50-100 samples (analysis of fewer or more samples has to be discussed with SMC).
MATRICES: Plasma, serum, CSF, Arabidopsis, Populus, bacteria, cell cultures, and yeast (other matrices have to be communicated with SMC).

SMC is an independent partner and will be mentioned in the acknowledgements if the data is published



  • Sample preparation (e.g. methanol/water extraction)
  • Analysis by GC-MSTOF
  • Quality assurance of the analysis
  • Targeted data analysis for sugars (eg. pentoses, hexoses, disaccharides)
  • Initial statistical evaluation of the generated data according to the question asked in the project (multivariate and univariate data analysis)
  • Report and feedback
  • Full access to raw data