TMAO is an amine oxide that can be quantified using UHPLC-QqQ-MSMS.

See this example.

NUMBER OF SAMPLES: 50-200 samples (analysis of fewer or more samples has to be discussed with SMC).
MATRICES: Plasma, serum, CSF and cell cultures (other matrices have to be communicated with SMC).


  • Sample preparation (e.g. methanol/water extraction)
  • Analysis by LC-QqQ-MSMS                       
  • Quality assurance of the analysis
  • Quantification of TMAO
  • Initial statistical evaluation of the generated data according to the question asked in the project (multivariate and univariate data analysis)
  • Storage of pooled sample for possible future extended identification (extended identification is not included in the price)
  • Report and feedback
  • Archiving of raw data
  • SMC will not be listed as co-authors on a future publication but will be acknowledged